5 Things You Should Clean After You Move-In

Moving into a new house can be a thrilling experience, but it also comes with a set of responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is ensuring that your new home is tidy and hygienic. Even if the previous owners or tenants cleaned the house before leaving, there are still areas that require attention. 

Whether you decide to hire a Loveland, OH move-in cleaning service to assist you or handle getting the place tidy and hygienic all by yourself, it’s useful to know what you should clean as soon as you move into your new home. Keep reading to learn more about what it is.

What should you clean first when moving house?

Before settling into your new house, it is essential to ensure that the new home is ready for occupancy. If you are already exhausted from all the housekeeping chores you had to do before leaving your old residence, from dusting the blinds to deep cleaning the fridge, the thought of having to do it all again in your new home may seem overwhelming.

This is especially true if you had to do the move-out cleaning with kids or with limited time. The following guide will assist you in deciding which areas and rooms to prioritize when preparing your new home for occupancy. With proper planning and organization, you can successfully manage move-in cleaning, even if you are busy.

1. Bathrooms

The first place to spruce up when moving into a new house is the bathrooms. Bathrooms are areas in the house that require a lot of attention, as they can harbor germs and bacteria. Begin by scrubbing the toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub with a disinfectant to ensure they are free of germs. Also, remember to wipe the mirrors, cabinets, and floors thoroughly.

2. Kitchen

The kitchen is another important area that requires immediate cleaning when moving into a new house. Start by washing the countertops, cabinets, and appliances with an appropriate product or solution. Additionally, wipe down the stove, oven, and fridge to remove any dirt or grime. You should also scrub the sink and garbage disposal to eliminate any odors.

3. Floors

Whether your new home has hardwood floors, tile, or carpet, they are another area that needs attention when moving into a new house. Begin by sweeping or vacuuming the floors to remove any dust or debris. Then, mop the floors to ensure they are dirt and germ-free.

4. Walls

The walls may not seem like a top priority when moving into a new house, but they can harbor dust, dirt, and other debris. Begin by wiping down the walls with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or grime. If the walls are painted, be careful not to use any tools or chemicals that may damage the paint.

5. Closet and Storage Spaces

Before moving your belongings into your new home, it’s essential to ensure that the closet and storage spaces are ready and sanitized. Start by wiping down the shelves and drawers with a damp cloth to remove any dust or debris. You may also want to vacuum or sweep the floors of the closets and storage spaces to get rid of any dirt or dust.

Where in Loveland, OH, can I find a dependable move-in cleaning service?

Are you in the process of moving into a new home but feeling overwhelmed with the thought of cleaning it before you settle in? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! At My Maid Service Cincinnati, we understand the importance of having a fresh start in your new abode.

Our team of expert maids can handle all of those chores for you, ensuring that your new home is spotless and ready for you to move in. Whether your new home is close to West Loveland Nature Preserve or anywhere else in the area, contact us today to schedule your move-in cleaning and let us help make your relocation a stress-free experience.

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