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My Maid Service Cincinnati is one of the top-rated residential cleaning companies in Sharonville and cities in the vicinity. We have a team of trained, screened, and motivated experts who follow extensive checklists and apply effective methods. Choose between one-time and recurring services, set up your appointment, and reap the benefits of our quality services.

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    Our standard & deep cleaning brings peace of mind

    Our standard house and apartment cleaning is meant to keep your house in Sharonville in check in the long term. You won’t have to worry about ongoing maintenance because our specialists will be in charge of it. In addition, you can opt for our deep cleaning, which is a particularly in-depth service typically booked once in a while. It will give your home an extra thorough spruce-up.

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    Why we’re a notch above other cleaning companies in Sharonville

    Our maid services are based on a dependable, client-oriented approach that ensures a rewarding customer experience and effortless cleanliness. We offer:

    • Several practical packages
    • Honest and competitive rates
    • 100% happiness guarantee
    • A skilled and dedicated crew
    • Reliable products and tools
    • Easy and flexible scheduling
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    Discover the many benefits of our service

    Our company is committed to providing you with the highest quality standards and  enhanced convenience. With our house or apartment cleaning services in Sharonville, you’ll get:

    • A fresh and beautiful home you’ll be proud of
    • Extra energy for other responsibilities
    • More opportunities to unwind after a busy day
    • Better indoor air quality in your environment
    • Improved health and well-being

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do professionals clean a house?

      Reliable cleaning companies go over an extensive checklist, which you can often customize with additional requests. In the case you’ve booked a standard service in Sharonville, your crew will perform all essential housework, like dusting, vacuuming, mopping, wet wiping different surfaces, and more. If you’ve selected deep cleaning, the list will be even more detailed, usually including chores like wiping appliance interiors, baseboard, door frames, etc.

    • What is a good home cleaning schedule?

      The frequency of your appointment depends on your particular needs. Most homes in Sharonville require weekly or bi-weekly general upkeep to stay fresh and keep looking great. When it comes to deep cleaning, which is more detailed, it’s usually done a few times a year. Feel free to reach out to us and discuss the best schedule for you.

    • Should you tip house cleaners?

      If you’re happy with the results of your professional house cleaning in Sharonville, you may wonder if you could show your thanks by tipping your crew. While you certainly don’t have to tip your specialists, they will appreciate this as a token of your gratitude and satisfaction with their work. It’s a sign that they’re on the right track and could push them to work even harder.

    • How long does it take a cleaner to clean an apartment?

      In general, this will depend on the specifics of your apartment cleaning service. For example, factors like the size of your apartment and the condition it’s in can affect the duration of the service. You can learn more by contacting us.

    • How do I find a top-rated residential cleaning company in Sharonville & beyond?

      Here at My Maid Service Cincinnati, a team of dependable specialists handles the hygiene of residential properties across Cincinnati, including Sharonville and the nearby areas. With our help, you can have a lovely day in Gorman Park or spend quality time with your family in Gower Park without worrying about housework. You can also rest assured that we’ll:

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