10 Tips to Clean a Bathroom Before Moving Out

Moving homes can be a challenging process, with countless tasks demanding your attention. Among these, one crucial but often overlooked part of moving out is cleaning up their space, specifically, the bathroom. As one of the most frequently used parts of any living space, a bathroom can accumulate grime and dirt over time that can be daunting to deal with during a move.

The safest and easiest way to get this done is to enlist the help of a move-out cleaning experts near you in Lebanon, OH. On the other hand, with proper planning and a bit of elbow grease, you could make your bathroom shine like new. To help you navigate this important task, here are 10 tips to effectively clean your bathroom before moving out, ensuring you’re leaving your old place in the best condition possible and setting a high standard for your new home.

How do you deep clean a bathroom before moving out?

Since the bathroom is a temple of cleanliness, it’s the one place in every home that must be polished regularly to ensure that sanitation levels are maintained. Sprucing up your bathroom before moving out not only ensures you leave the place in good condition but also helps you to avoid potential cleaning fees if you’re renting. Remember, the goal is to leave the bathroom in the condition you’d like to find when moving into a new home.

1. Make a cleaning checklist

Before you start spiffing up, make a checklist of everything you need to clean in the bathroom. This list should include items like the sink, toilet, shower, tub, mirror, tiles, and floor. Checking off each item as you do it will give you a sense of progress and ensure nothing is missed.

2. Gather your supplies

Gather all the supplies you’ll need before you start. This could include scrub brushes, cleaning cloths, bathroom sanitizers, glass solution for the mirror, toilet bowl cleaner, baking soda, vinegar, and a mop.

3. Clear out personal items

Start by removing all personal items from the bathroom. These include toiletries, towels, bath mats, shower curtains, and any decor items. This not only clears the space for cleaning but also gives you a chance to sort out what you want to take with you to your new home.

4. Start with the dusting

Dust any light fixtures, exhaust fans, window sills, and any other surfaces before you start with the wet cleaning. This will help prevent creating a muddy mess when you begin to scrub surfaces.

5. Deep clean the toilet

The toilet can harbor many germs and should be thoroughly cleaned. Use a good quality toilet cleaner, and don’t forget to do the tank, lid, toilet seat, and the outside surface as well.

6. Scrub the shower and bathtub

These areas can accumulate a lot of soap scum and mildew. Use a strong cleaner and a scrub brush to thoroughly clean these areas. For stubborn stains, a paste made from vinegar and baking soda can be effective.

7. Clean the sink and countertop

Use a multi-purpose cleaner to take care of the sink, faucet, and countertop. If there are stubborn stains, again, a paste of baking soda and vinegar can come in handy.

8. Wipe down mirrors and windows

Use a good quality glass cleaner to tackle mirrors and windows. This step will remove any spots or smudges and make these surfaces shine like new. Taking the time to polish these surfaces can drastically improve the overall appearance of your bathroom.

9. Mop the floor

After everything else is done, the penultimate step should be mopping the floor. This way, you’re not dropping dirt or cleaner onto your slick floor as you clean the rest of the bathroom. Be sure to start at the furthest corner of the room and work your way toward the door, ensuring you don’t tread on your freshly mopped surface.

10. Inspect your work

Finally, do a thorough inspection of your bathroom. Look for any spots or areas you might have missed. Check the cabinets and drawers as well to ensure every nook and cranny is spotless. This final step ensures that you leave behind a thoroughly cleaned, sparkling bathroom that the next occupant will appreciate.

Where can I find seasoned move-out cleaning specialists near me in Lebanon, OH?

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