4 Most Effective DIY Cleaning Supplies

There is a literal sea of supplies available today. From your basic run-of-the-mill detergents to industrial-strength abrasives and all-surface degreasers, every product serves some purpose. However, sometimes, all you need is the basics and a bit of patience.

Of course, nothing can replace the supplies and service cleaning companies in Loveland provide. Still, the DIY products we’ll list are quite effective and can be a great choice in a pinch or if you want to give your home a thorough makeover on a budget.

What are some good DIY supplies for housekeeping?

While housekeeping methods have evolved dramatically over the years, some things never changed. One of those things is the utilization of common household supplies to keep your home healthy and tidy.  And when we say “common” we truly mean something every home has in abundance.

What are some good DIY supplies for housekeeping

Old Cotton Shirts

The practice of using old clothes for wiping is probably as old as clothing itself. And it still works in this day and age! Therefore, turn your old cotton shirt into rags and you’ll be set for some speedy housekeeping for the foreseeable future.

Baking soda

When it comes to versatile DIY household cleaning supplies, baking soda is God. It is a great abrasive, but not too strong to damage the surfaces if used with a gentle sponge. Therefore, it can work on virtually everything, from kitchen counters to toilets.

Also, it is a phenomenal deodorizer. Soaking a surface with it and leaving it for 15-30 minutes can annihilate unpleasant odors, even those caused by pets. Definitely a must-have!

Distilled white vinegar

Vinegar is another super common household item that perfectly doubles up as a DIY product. Similarly to baking soda, it, too, eliminates odors and works on every surface. However, where vinegar really shines is as a disinfectant.

Due to its mild acidity, distilled white vinegar can kill a lot of germs and bacteria. And, if you want it to provide some extra “oomph” against that hard-core dirt, you can mix it with baking soda to get the ultimate dirt killer.

Lemon juice

If you love citrusy smells, we have some amazing news. Lemon juice is a DIY beast. It obliterates mold and mildew, disintegrates grease, and makes surfaces squeaky clean. You can mix lemon juice, too, with baking soda or vinegar (or both) if you want to make it more effective. And, of course, the smell is a massive plus!

Non-essentials that contribute to that added touch

And, now, for a little bonus. Some things may not be integral to your home maintenance efforts, but provide the edge that separates a good DIY cleaner from a phenomenal one.

Common spices

Spices do exactly nothing for cleanliness. However, they do absolute wonders for fragrance. Simply add some to your baking soda mixture or even just plain water, let it sit for a few hours (the longer, the better), sprinkle on the surface, and wipe away after a few minutes. 

As for which spices you can use, the answer is: any. Rosemary, thyme, basil, a combination, or any other that tickles your fancy, they are all fair game.

Essential oils

Similarly to spices, essential oils are anything but essential for housekeeping. But, if you’re not fond of spices, you can use them in the same way and make your home fragrant. Also, some essential oils are natural antibacterials, which is a big plus.

Which cleaning companies in Loveland can help make my home pristine?

If you’re not keen on DIY home maintenance or need that extra touch only pros can provide, look no further than Loveland’s own My Maid Service. From East to West Loveland Nature Preserve, and anywhere in between, you won’t find more professional and dedicated cleaners. Give us a call today and let us elevate your surroundings to a higher level.

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