8-Step Guide for Holiday House Cleaning

With the holiday season already upon us, this is the time for family, friends, shopping, but also celebrating and partying. Whether you’re stressed preparing your home for guests or you have to clean up after everyone’s left, the holiday hustle can leave you overwhelmed. This is especially true if you can’t rely on Blue Ash cleaning companies to provide professional housekeeping solutions for your home.

Since we understand how hard it can be to find the right help during this busy period, we’ll outline 8 steps you can take to make your chores manageable. Follow our lead, and you can push through the festive gatherings putting your best face forward.

How do I clean my house for the holidays?

While you’re not obliged to do things in this exact order, we recommend that you try because it will make the whole process easier. If you can’t accomplish all of these things, don’t get too downhearted and just focus on the ones you’re able to do. 

Step 1: Declutter and organize

This is usually the first step of any tidying up. Pick up things from the floor to give yourself room to move around. Throw away excess items and organize surfaces and shelves to create a sense of order. Getting rid of clutter will make your place more visually appealing and comfortable.

Step 2: Focus on high-traffic areas

Tackle high-traffic areas because this is where guests usually spend most of their time. Places like the living room, hallways, dining area, and guest bathrooms are likely to take the brunt of your party so you should look to make them welcoming and ready for socializing.

Step 3: Deep clean the kitchen

While the fun usually ends in other places, most parties start in the kitchen. Whether it’s the heart of your festivities or a place where you’ll keep the starters and drinks, give your kitchen a thorough scrub to remove the grime and deposited dust that may leave a bad impression on your guests.

Step 4: Refresh guest bedrooms

If you have guests from out of town that will spend the night after the celebration you should prepare the guest rooms to make them feel welcomed and comfortable. Even if no one is planning to stay, you never know, someone may seek refuge during the night. You should consider adding a festive candle or a decorative pillow to top it off.

Step 5: Clean and stock bathrooms

Guest bathrooms will see heavy use, so you should make sure they are squeaky clean before the party starts. Make sure to stack up clean towels and toilet paper and remove your personal toiletries that may get in the way and clutter the space.

Step 6: Tackle floors and carpets

Parties mean heavy footfall so you should pay special attention to spruce up your floorings. Depending on the type of party you’re throwing, maybe you should look to remove the carpets if you have especially delicate or valuable ones.

Step 7: Dust and polish surfaces

Use microfiber cloths to make sure that your furniture and shelves are dusted and wiped. Pay attention to places that tend to accumulate dust like light fixtures, bookshelves, and underneath sofas and armchairs, and tackle them accordingly.

Step 8: Final touches and personalization

Consider placing holiday decorations, such as wreaths or centerpieces, in key areas. Light candles or essential oils to create a festive atmosphere and inviting ambiance. You can personalize the space with your favorite holiday traditions to make it a memorable experience for both you and your guests. Once everything’s done, remember to do a last-minute inspection before the guests arrive.

Which provider has the reputation for being one of the best Blue Ash cleaning companies?

If you’re looking for a team that can land you a helping hand during the festive season, My Maid Service Cincinnati has you covered. With ample experience and expertise, we’ll help you maintain the flawless shine of your home no matter how wild or eventful the previous night was.

We’ll spruce up your home in a streamlined manner and turn the whole process into fun and games while delivering a meticulous scrub that eliminates allergens from your living space and leaves no stone unturned.  

Whether you need our assistance in the neighborhood of Interstate 71 or the western side of town, we’ll be there quickly and on time. Our technicians will make sure that there are no let-ups during the holiday season and that you’re ready to welcome guests in a celebratory and spotless environment. Contact us today and we’ll get your place ready for the big day!

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