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than any other product or chemical on the market or in your pantry


for humans, pets, and the environment than any “green”, eco-friendly, or natural product


than every Green Seal-approved product and every all-natural solution available



With My Maid Service's TRUE Chemical Free Clean,

we go beyond mere dirt removal. 

CLEAN also means sanitized and more healthy.


How do we do it?


With the Activeion Ionator, we use water and physics to break through biofilm, lift dirt from out of tiny crevices, and obliterate many germs and this!

Chemicals "bond" to the dirt to remove them, so if you don't get the dirt up, the chemicals stay behind. With the electricity in the water, the dirt is poked and prodded right out of its hole, ready to be picked up and taken out!

With the PerfectCLEAN anti-microbial cloth, we remove the dirt, the electrocuted germs and bacteria and capture the few remaining ones in the tiny fibers of the cloth.

The PerfectCLEAN has the most and the smallest fibers, which means it can pick up smaller germs and bacteria than other cloths. Plus, the anti-microbial properties kill what the cloth picks up.


With the LadyBug Steam Vapor System with TANCS technology, we go after the floors, using water and heat to do the same thing to the dirt and germs living under your feet.

TANCS technology is recognized by the EPA as a disinfection system, killing not only germs and bacteria but also dust mites, bed bugs, mold, and many viruses.



And with the ProTeam 4-level filtration vacuums, we collect dust, pollen, dust mites...and of course, dirt...through a multi-level filtration system to remove that stuff from your home!

Many home vacuums remove a fair amount of dirt, dust, and other debris, but often, these pollutants are released back into the air in your home as the debris settles or when you change bags or filters. With the ProTeam 4-level filtration, the pollutants are trapped so far inside that almost none can escape.

And we never open the cannister inside your home.

Our TRUE Chemical Free Cleaning method can remove and reduce the effects of years of pollution build-up in your home from toxic cleaners and suffocating air fresheners and sprays, leaving your home TRULY fresh and clean in a brand new way!

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