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than any other product or chemical on the market or in your pantry


for humans, pets, and the environment than any “green”, eco-friendly, or natural product


than every Green Seal-approved product and every all-natural solution available




Green (adj.)    /gri:n/ - environmentally friendly


Boy, oh, boy, do we love when something is “green” and the same price or less than the “regular” item. But what is green? The truth is that no one really knows because no common definition or set of standards exist.

The point of being “green” is to reduce harm to humans and the natural environment through reduction of toxins and waste added to our soil, drinking water, landfills and everyday environments.

But the fact is that 95% of all “green” products on the market were guilty of at least one count of “Greenwashing” (Sins of Greenwashing: hyperlink to

Green-wash (green’wash’, -wôsh’) – verb: the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service.




#1 Sin of the Hidden Trade-Off is illustrated especially well by the carbon footprint below, which accounts for the entire manufacturing process, not just the final product on the grocery store shelf. You see, the liquid sloshing around inside that recyclable bottle may meet the "green" requirements of any number of self-proclaimed authorities on environmentally-friendly products, but those requirements often fail to take into account the complete process of bringing that product to you.


The gas related to multiple points of transportation alone are enough to gag the earth-friendly claims.

The carbon footprint of even the greenest of green products sold at the store is enormous compared to what the mainstays of our TRUE chemical freel cleaning can deliver. Castle Keepers’ TRUE chemical free cleaning not only cleans and sanitizes better and is safer, but has a significantly smaller carbon footprintthan any other cleaning method available today!

The Activeion Ionator makes some bold claims about its scientifically-proven cleaning and sanitizing technology, but it's much too modest about the full breadth of its greeness:

  • Uses tap water...that's it
  • 100% renewable ingredients
  • Nothing to throw away
  • No residue left on surfaces
  • Rechargeable internal battery--both the HOM (home version) and the EXP (commercial version)
  • Fewest shipping "moves" of any product: (1) materials to manufacturing/packaging; (2) manufacturing to consumer's home



My Maid Service's TRUE Chemical Free Cleaning, featuring the Activeion Ionator, the Advanced Vapor Technologies LadyBug, the PERFECTClean microfiber cloth, and the ProTeam filtration vacuum is the TRUE future of a green world!

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